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About Margaret Poplin

In June of 2012, I sold my possessions and drove West. I took a two-week road trip across the country, and landed in Austin, TX. Life is quirky though, so, of course, two months after I arrived in Texas I was offered a job at JSU; which I accepted and moved back across the country, again, this time to Alabama. After limited opportunities for my husband around JSU in Jacksonville, Alabama he got a job back in Atlanta so we have moved home to Georgia; and we are here to stay.

I graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design and received my MFA in Visual Communication (focusing on Illustration and Graphic Design) but I am always continuing my education. I’ve taught myself leather-working, want to learn metal-working, all while keeping up with new technologies and design techniques.

I left Savannah for Atlanta in 2008; in the worst possible economic timing. I worked any graphic design, art, or illustration job I could. This made me an adaptable, well-rounded, multifaceted artist who can conceptualize any client’s ideas into reality. I developed proficiency for both Mac and PC, I had to be a fast learner; so I quickly adopt new programs and media.

I was hired at to create PowerPoint presentations with complex interaction and animation explaining technology deliverables. I worked in advertising, created websites with WordPress, CSS, and HTML, made web banners for, managed the art department, brand book, quarterly catalogs, and designed promotional products that adhered to branding guidelines.

Eventually, this led to Higher Education as an Adjunct at AIU, later, I joined JSU, as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Graphic Design. I taught graduate and undergraduate classes covering the Adobe Creative Cloud; Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Fine Arts, Foundation, and Specialty classes like Illustration, Color Theory, and Design Basics. Always glad to hear from old students too!

Now I’ve decided to go back to the corporate world, so I am interested in new opportunities.

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