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Are you looking for someone to help change the way your organization thinks? A change leader who meets metric goals and deadlines on time, every time? Someone who stands out while emanating a sense of camaraderie and warmth that immediately builds trust?

Do you need a creative problem solver? Do you want a life-long-learner who actively seeks out and investigates new technology? An intrepid explorer who sees into the coming digital future and embraces it?

Are you looking for a dedicated team player who thrives in diverse environments by building lasting interpersonal relationships? An artist with versatility who can work as a proficient corporate trainer, design consultant, and content writer that creates captivating business stories and training modules?

Do you want someone who excels in communication? An inspiring leader who speaks clearly and professionally with both clients and employees? A persuasive presenter who emanates warmth and wields a sharp sense of humor that secures stakeholder buy-in and promotes active engagement?

If you’re looking for:

A passionate professor and educator who engages clients and pupils as a Subject Matter Expert on materials ranging from slide-writing, virtual teaming, cutting-edge technology, proprietary macros, design thinking, and more.

An innovative professional who drives national transformations via live and virtual learning workshops, coaching, presentations, and simulations.

A partner to implement change management initiatives, tools, and technology solutions that streamline consultant, client, and business services staff workflow.

Someone who strives to develop engaging materials across multiple technology platforms to improve key skills to meet learning objective outcomes.

An award-winning artist and designer that crafts winning decks by transforming complex business language into compelling visual presentations.

Then look no further.

Reach out today to thought-partner with me on improving your initiatives and ensure lasting change for your organization. We can accomplish your goals together through my expertise and extensive experience in cross-team collaboration, higher education, curriculum building, consulting, management, learning development, and training delivery. Let’s talk.

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